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She can write the perfect murder mystery… But can she solve one in real life? Meet Jen Dawson, mystery writer, coffee lover, and amateur detective? Crime writer Jen returns to her small hometown with a bestselling book behind her and a bad case of writer’s block. Finding sanctuary in the local bookstore, with an endless supply of coffee, Jen waits impatiently for inspiration to strike. But when the owner of the bookstore dies suddenly in mysterious circumstances, Jen has a real-life murder to solve. The stakes are suddenly higher when evidence places Jen at the scene of the crime and the reading of the will names her as the new owner of the bookstore …

Can she crack the case and clear her name, before the killer strikes again?

Murder at the Bookstore


She loved writing the perfect murder mystery, but she never wanted to be written into one . . .Just as amateur sleuth Jen gets to work on her next book, the owner of the town’s rival bookstore is found murdered. Suspicions quickly turn to Jen, and she is forced to get back to sleuthing to clear her own name.

To make matters worse, customers for Ravenous Readers are slipping away as they hear of Jen's alleged misdeeds. Time is ticking for Jen to prove her innocence and win back customers before the store closes forever. But what will strike Jen first? Inspiration…or the killer?

         A Cover for Murder

ChapterOnMurder_PB (1).jpg

I loved writing murder mysteries, until I was thrust into the center of one…It’s Christmas in Riddleton and crime novelist turned amateur sleuth, Jen, is in desperate need of a cozy festive season running the town's local bookstore. But, between trying to drum up business for Ravenous Readers and attempting to finish her latest novel, Jen is totally run off her feet. Matters get worse, however, when a man's body is found outside the bookstore, along with a scrap of paper in his pocket with none other than Jen's address on it! To solve the murder – and clear her own name – Jen must, once again, become Riddleton's best detective. The stakes have never been higher and the pressure is on – but with the help of her best friend, Brittany, and trusty dog, Savannah, can Jen catch the killer, finish her novel and save Ravenous Readers before time runs out?

A Chapter on Murder


I used to just write murder mysteries. Now

I investigate them…

Crime writer turned amateur sleuth, Jen, has taken over the running of the local bookstore in her hometown of Riddleton. But balancing the books at Ravenous Readers is nothing compared to meeting the deadline for her new novel.

However, dodging phone calls from her editor takes a back seat when the local police chief dies in a suspected poisoning. To solve the murder, Jen must dust off her detective hat once more.

With everyone in town seemingly a suspect, and evidence planted to incriminate local police officer and close friend Eric, Jen is working against the clock. Can she find the killer and beat her own writer’s block before it’s too late?

The Murderous Type


She's written murder mysteries before, but can she solve this real-life cold case?

Just as Jen sits down to start writing her next murder mystery novel, she stumbles across a chilling real-life case: a man who claims he’s been wrongly convicted for murder.

Time is running out for Jaylon as he needs a kidney transplant to save his life, something he’ll never receive while he’s in prison for murder.

Jen’s amateur sleuthing skills are pushed to their very limit as time is ticking to solve Jaylon’s case and save his life. Can she save him before his sentence to murder becomes a sentence to death?

Sentenced to Murder

She can plot out the perfect murder mystery… But can she solve one in real life?

Just as Jen sits down to write her next murder mystery novel, a killer strikes again in the tiny town of Riddleton.

Will Jen be able to solve this murderous plot, or will the killer, and her new book, get the better of her?

A Murderous Plot

A Murderous Plot

Image by Aaron Burden

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

~ Hans Christian Andersen
Catching a Wave

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